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For help regarding the CartRover integration system, see our frequently asked questions below or visit our Support Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What data does CartRover pass between systems?

CartRover passes order data, shipment data, and inventory data between your order sources and your WMS. In sequential order, CartRover downloads orders from each shopping cart, delivers the orders to the WMS system, picks up shipment info (tracking) and inventory levels from the WMS, and uploads the shipment info (tracking) and inventory levels to the shopping cart.

Q: How many orders per month do I get with my plan?

All our plans allow unlimited order volume. Unlike other services, we won’t ever force you to pay more because you had a good month.

Q: How much time/cost does connecting a new cart take?

It truely takes only a few minutes for you to connect to a new merchant, cart, or website and there is no setup fee with the exception of a few connections like EDI.

Q: Can CartRover handle inventory over many different sales channels?

Yes, CartRover can sync your inventory across all sales channels. If you have 100 red hats in stock, we can tell all your stores that 100 are in stock and keep them all updated when that level changes due to any reason.

Q: Does CartRover upload tracking information?

Yes. If the shopping cart or sales channel support tracking information, we will send it to them. Not all shopping carts can handle this though.

Q: How often does CartRover download my orders?

Some shopping carts send us real-time order information, but otherwise we check every 15 minutes. You can set CartRover to check less often if you want. If you need it to check more frequently for some reason, contact support.

Q: Does CartRover offer address verification or correction?

CartRover offers optional CASS certified Address Verification and Correction of shipping and billing addresses for between $0.02 and $0.008 per order. See details here.

Q: Can I connect to two different channels/carts of the same type? (EG: two different BigCommerce carts)

Yes! You can have as many interfaces as you want/need to the same cart or channel. Each one counts as a separate interface.

Q: Can I connect multiple shipping accounts of the same type? (EG: two different Endicia accounts)

CartRover does not provide its own shipping screen built in. We connect to other platforms that provide shipping and you can add your shipping accounts into those systems. CartRover orders will flow into your preferred shipping system automatically.

Q: You don't list the shopping cart I want to use. What can I do?

Vote for us to support your cart or make a new post if no one has asked for it yet at CartRover Support. You can also have the cart send a csv/xml file to CartRover. CartRover can import almost any CSV format. You can also ask us for a quote to implement your system right away at the bottom of the Integrations page.

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