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Preferred Partner Plan

The Preferred Partner Plan is designed for third-party fulfillment centers that would like to be able to offer CartRover integrations to their merchants without managing the connection themselves. The fulfillment center would simply direct their merchant to CartRover who would assist the merchant in connecting their order sources to the fulfillment center's WMS system.

There are no monthly fees billed to the fulfillment center. Each merchant would manage their own CartRover Merchant Plan account.

CartRover will handle all merchant support, working one on one with your clients to help them setup their CartRover account and to add or remove shopping cart integrations as needed.

As a Preferred Partner your warehouse will also be featured on our website. This will allow merchants looking for fulfillment options to connect with you through Your fulfillment warehouse will get a dedicated page on our website to help introduce and educate the merchants about your fulfillment services.

Key points of the Preferred Partner Plan:

  • All the benefits from CartRover Lead Generation
  • CartRover handles all support regarding account setup and adding or removing integrations
  • Merchants need to maintain a CartRover merchant account to integrate with your warehouse
  • No monthly fee for warehouse

The setup fee for the Preferred Partner Plan is a one-time fee that includes:

1. Listing as a Preferred Partner on the CartRover marketing website

2. Dedicated Page on the CartRover marketing website for your fulfillment center

3. Branded CartRover Sign-up page

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