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Fulfillment Plan

The Fulfillment Plan gives your warehouse access to all of CartRovers’ integrations. This plan is designed for do-it-yourself warehouses that want an affordable way to integrate their merchant's shopping carts to their warehouses.

The Fulfillment Plan allows you to setup new merchants and add and remove shopping cart integrations as needed. You pay just $99/month (one order source included) plus $11/month per additional order source with no setup fees (see exceptions below). CartRover will provide customer support directly to your warehouse.

Key points of the Fulfillment Plan:

  • Merchants do not need a CartRover Merchant account
  • All support for Merchants is provided by your warehouse
  • CartRover provides support to the warehouse
  • Simple pricing just $11/mo per order source
  • Setup fees apply for SPS Commerce, CommerceHub, and Salesforce order source connections

What is considered an order source?

  • An order source is any single connection to a e-commerce platform. For example, two separate Shopify stores would be considered two order sources.

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