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Order Fulfillment Integrations


The providers below are pre integrated with CartRover and can be setup in just minutes! Click on any integration to learn more.

WMS Name: Wolin Design Group (View Site)

CartRover WMS Integration: View Documentation

About CartRover

CartRover connects all our dozens of supported shopping carts and marketplaces to your Wolin Design Group account in just minutes for a low monthly fee (see pricing). You can now confidently tell all your clients that "Yes!" you can integrate with their system. CartRover will automatically load new orders and send back tracking information and inventory levels.

CartRover is simple and straightforward.

About Wolin Design Group

"Wolin Design Group provides premier web-based, on-demand warehouse and inventory management software. Designed for distribution and third-party logistics service providers looking to manage complexity and increase profitability, competitiveness, and growth, Wolin Design Group’s intuitive web-based interface places all the information needed to manage your company’s inventory right at your fingertips."



CartRover connects the following order sources to Wolin Design Group: