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Cart Name: Vend POS (View Site)

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About CartRover

CartRover connects your shopping cart and marketplace accounts with almost any Order Management system or Warehouse in just minutes for a low monthly fee (see pricing). CartRover will automatically load new orders and send back tracking information and inventory levels.

About Vend

"Break free from the counter, stockroom or office. Vend is cloud-based POS software, so you can sign in and work from anywhere. Easily access your sales, products and reports, and always have the latest data. And if the internet goes down, Vend will still trade offline. Modern retail is online, in-store and mobile, so get the point of sale system that takes you where you need to go."

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If you find that your Vend sales volume grows quickly, you will eventually end up bogged down with managing all of your orders every day. If this is the case, then you will need a way to integrate Vend with an order management software. You will also need to sync your inventory so that Vend is constantly updated.

CartRover was developed by programmers with years of experience in order management. It is pre-integrated with most popular shopping carts, marketplaces, and even POS systems. It can be configured to automatically download orders, sync inventory and upload shipment tracking information back to each order source.

If you are interested in using CartRover for your Vend integration, read up on how it works or you can take advantage of our free trial. Let CartRover simplify your order flow!