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Partner Type: 3PL

Order Volume: Any

Specialty: D2C, B2B, Compliance (FBA+Others), Returns

Location: Boise, ID

The Absolute Best Client Services in the Industry

Not only do we provide your brand with the absolute best customer service in the industry, every client gets their own Client Manager to speak/email with. We get to know you, your customers, and the way you like to run your business. We like to put your orders in a box, not you. We call this delivering an exceptional Client Experience.

We specialize in eCommerce fulfillment, direct to store or DC fulfillment (B2B fulfillment), compliance order management (orders that require special procedures, sorting, labeling, etc.) for Amazon, R.E.I.,Costco and others, as well as returns management. Partnerships with our clients last for many years because we go over and above your expectations. Incidentally, we work in 18 different time-zones everyday, and 48% of our clients are international based. That makes us a truly global company! Whether you are a multi-national corporation needing order fulfillment, a new start-up or doing a Kickstarter campaign, or a subscription box company with 10,000 orders per month, Verde Fulfillment USA is here to help you grow your business.

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