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Partner Type: 3PL

Order Volume: Any

Specialty: eCommerce, B2B, B2C, 3PL

Location: Provo, Utah

Propeller, Inc. is a full-service, asset-based, 3PL providing:

order processing, warehousing, shipping, kitting and assembly, packaging, invoicing (including EDI), returns management and materials procurement.

Propeller, Inc. is centrally located in Utah, at the “Crossroads of the West.” This advantage allows you to reach a majority of the western United States within two days, with low shipping rates.

Whether you are a startup or large corporation we can get you up and running without interruption.

We ship to end users (B2C, eCommerce), retailers, and distributors (B2B).

We ship everything from oil drilling materials to toys. We are especially strong in the medical distribution chain. Daily, Propeller ships medical devices to McKesson and Medline and 1,800 hospitals.

Propeller routinely routes and receives containers from international points.

If you need help with product assembly we have the equipment and experienced people to build to your specifications. We can fill a jar with liquid or crème. We can fill 40 jars per minute with your dry or powdered product. Need 5,000 retail boxes of software today? We can do it. If you need package or box design we can take your ideas and turn them into sketches, prototypes and finished goods quickly. You can see our designs for POP displays at retailers such as Albertsons, CVS, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kroger, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and FAO Schwartz.

Let our experienced production team go to work for you - they are terrific!

Propeller has clients representing multiple industries and nationalities, and nearly all of them found us “through the grapevine” or by word of mouth. Our clients and more importantly our client’s customers speak highly of our capabilities, our integrity and their satisfaction. Proof? - they referred someone to us. One of our current clients is a highly recognizable, international software developer. They were referred to Propeller by CompUSA nearly twelve years ago. This client was looking for a kitting and distribution solution and contacted CompUSA, essentially asking them: Who does it right? CompUSA’s answer- Propeller, Inc.

With Propeller, Inc. as your 3PL-

You will save money on shipping.

You will lower your employee count.

You will gain time to think, strategize, and focus on your priorities.

Your customers will be impressed.

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