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Partner Type: 3PL

Order Volume: Any

Specialty: Direct to consumer

Location: Los Angeles, CA (main); South Brunswick, NJ; Toronto, ON Canada

Moulton gives your company the ability to outsource any of its back-end operational service needs.

Your company handles product sales, and we can handle everything from the point of receiving your inventory at one of our strategically located fulfillment centers. Moulton Logistics provides Omni-Channel Fulfillment services which allows your company to sell and distribute product direct to individual customers, direct to businesses, drop-ship on 3rd party marketplaces, bulk to wholesalers, or bulk to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Need to also outsource your Customer Service Contact Center but don’t want to find another vendor or another software platform? No problem. Moulton Contact Center and Customer Relations Management Software are already integrated with the fulfillment operations to make things easier and reduce the chance of trying to get two different vendors to integrate well together.

If your product is highly technical and you want to manage your own designated contact center agents, we also offer the option of licensing our cloud-based CRM software.

Although Moulton is a full-service fulfillment and contact center provider, you have the option to use only the services you need to compliment your current operation.

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