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Fulfillment Partners


Partner Type: 3PL

Order Volume: Any

Specialty: D2C, B2B (incl. Amazon)

Location: Pico Rivera, CA (2 facilities)

Founded in 1993, Fulfillment Express, Inc. excels at meeting the needs of our clients. We are experienced in direct to consumer ecommerce fulfillment, as well as larger commercial orders (including EDI). We ship both domestically and internationally on a regular basis. Our highly trained and professional staff relentlessly pursue new ways to help our clients succeed and grow their business. Our dedication and experience set us apart from our competition and our commitment to quality sets our clients apart from theirs. Though our quality is second to none, you will find that our pricing is still competitive.

Both of our centers are in close proximity to the city and port of Los Angeles, making inbound and outbound international shipping easy.

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