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CartRover has over 30 integrations available, consisting of the most popular shopping carts and online marketplaces.

  • CartRover has helped our clients ship Millions of packages worldwide.
  • New integrations are added monthly and existing integrations are monitored and maintained continuously.
  • CartRover automates every step; order download, shipment confirmation (tracking upload), and inventory sync.
  • Orders are standardized. No need to have different procedures to handle orders from different order sources.
  • Once a connection with your warehouse is built, it takes less than 5 minutes to add a new merchant, and about 90 seconds to add a new order source for that merchant.
  • CartRover will alert your warehouse if an error is detected with an order, often allowing the error to be fixed before the merchant realizes an error occurred.
  • Quickly and easily map any ship method from shopping carts or online marketplaces to your warehouse standard.
  • CartRover allows loading of virtually any CSV format on the fly.
  • CartRover allows you to ignore specific products and also allows you to specify which products are to be fulfilled by your warehouse.
  • Orders can be filtered by order type, ship method, and location.

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