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Address Verification

CartRover offers optional US and International Address Correction and Verification which provides the following functionality:

Order Filtering

CartRover offers the ability to load or ignore orders based on specific data fields. For example, only load orders shipping to specific states or countries and ignore all other orders.

White-list, Black-list

CartRover offers the ability to set up either a white-list or a black-list. This can be used to either ignore certain products, or to split fulfillment of your product list between multiple locations and have CartRover only pull specific products/orders.

Ship Method Mapping

CartRover offers the ability to map ship methods to your WMS. Orders are downloaded from a shopping cart, with a ship code/method. Typically, these are generic codes; either standard to the shopping cart or defined by the merchant in the shopping cart. Many WMS systems are not equipped to receive these generic codes. CartRover solves this problem with Ship Method Mapping.

Alias Translation

CartRover offers the ability to translate aliases. Aliases translations are needed when the connecting systems use different identifiers for the same product. If the product codes in the order do not match the product code in the fulfillment system, the WMS will reject the order. With aliases translation CartRover clients can select which identifier CartRover should map the product code to before pushing data into the WMS. Alias translation is also used when synchronizing inventory and shipment files from the WMS back to the order source.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

As a developer, a part of my job is to find solutions for our clients to get orders to our fulfillment house quickly. CartRover provides a seamless way for clients to connect their shopping carts to CartRover and start sending us orders within minutes of signing up! ...The folks at CartRover are extremely helpful!

Hasina Hai

Devops Supervisor at Moulton Logistics Management

We had a lot of difficulty finding an ERP and 3PL software that integrated with each other. CartRover stepped in and bridged that gap for us. They completed a complicated integration quickly and affordably. Their customer service was off the charts. Any issue that has arisen has been dealt with swiftly and effectively. 10/10.

Jack Fallon

Cross Path Capital, LLC

CartRover is a necessary addition to our business. We need CartRover for our business and they can be very responsive, accommodating and flexible. These guys are techy and not sales people so you get what you pay for - in a good way. They're not over promising and under delivering.

Philip B.


Fantastic overall. It is a great software program for us. I am very happy with how straight forward and user friendly it is! Easy setting up ship methods, editing orders, getting into and editing carts, whitelisting, and blacklisting products. Too many pros to list.

Jose L.

Help Desk Systems Admin

Great software and excellent support. We are utilizing CartRover as a 3PL. I have no complaints. Pros: Easy of use, efficient and immediate support, diversity in options.

John Jason L.

Lead Technical Analyst

Very useful for what we're doing. Helps us sell across many sales channels easily.

Kyle G.