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Stitch Labs Shutting Down After Acquisition by Square

22 Jul 2020

Stitch Labs Is No More

Starting immediately, Stitch Labs will no longer be accepting new customers as their company has been acquired by Square to help build out tools for the Square platform. As part of this, Stitch Labs will continue operating for their existing customer until Spring of 2021 at which point their platform will be shuttered. Changing WMS or OMS platforms is a large undertaking for any company, and being forced to do so in under a year will be a stressful transition. Below we will walk through some of the other options available on the market today.

The Stitch Alternatives

For those on the Stitch Labs platform, the question becomes, "Now What?" We're here to break down some of the alternatives on the market to help with a seamless transition for your business. Or if you're looking for an Order or Inventory Management System for the first time, this is also a great list to help you get started.


ApparelMagic is a full blown ERP built specifically for fashion companies from the ground up (apparel, footwear, accessories). The platform is used globally with native support for multi-currency, B2B portals, and much more. If you're in the clothing or fashion industry, this is where you should be looking.

ApparelMagic is offering 2 months free to Stitch Labs customers. Visit ApparelMagic.

ApparelMagic's Comment:

ApparelMagic takes pride in the reliability, support, stability, and exciting expansion of the platform and will always be looking for new ways to make customers' lives easier.


Cin7 is a traditional Inventory Management platform to let you see and manage your inventory across your private warehouse, 3PL warehouse, and FBA stock. Along with supporting multiple eCommerce channels, Cin7 also offers a built-in POS. Visit Cin7.

Connected Business

While Stitch Labs is an operations management solution geared for ecommerce, many still needed an ERP to manage the rest of the business. Connected Business has everything Stitch Labs had, plus more. You get order management, customer management, and an ERP all in one for a lower overall cost. Consider Connected Business if you're looking to tie everything together in one place. Their primary markets are North America, Australia, and the UK, but they support customers across the globe.

Connected Business is offering 25% off the first year for Stitch Labs customers. Visit Connected Business.

Connected Business' Comment:

Our sweet spot is eCommerce retailers, retailers with a mix of physical stores and ecommerce, and wholesale companies that include ecommerce as one of their sales channels.

Dear Systems

Dear Systems brings ERP and WMS functionality into your OMS to help you keep all your business under one roof. Optional addons for a B2B portal and POS take things a step further making it a great system for Ecommerce, Wholesale & Distributors, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management. Dear is a powerful yet simple to use system with a knowledgeable team behind it known for going the extra mile.

Dear Systems is offering discounts on the first year of service for Stitch Labs customers. Visit Dear Systems.

Dear's Comment:

Our system follows the international accounting standards and is one of the only systems that has FIFO costing methods with serial, batch and expiry date tracking.


If you're looking for full Warehouse Management on top of your OMS and don't want to pay for two separate systems, Infoplus is a great route to consider. Manage your orders, customers, inventory, and warehouse operations all from one place. Visit Infoplus.


Skubana is an OMS aimed at the Direct To Consumer market. Their platform is great for medium to high volume sellers who need to track inventory across sales channels. If you think you've found a limitation with their platform, check out their Orderbot feature to completely customize your workflow and support anything you need. Their powerful automation tools handle order routing, accounting, shipping, and inventory management to improve operational efficiency and lower overhead costs.

Skubana is offering 2 months free for Stitch Labs customers after you sign on. Visit Skubana.

Skubana's Comment:

We are designed to help retailers, brands, and marketplace sellers boost their margins, bottom line, and multichannel presence. Skubana’s customers include some of the fastest-growing D2C brands and marketplace sellers including Tushy, Haus Labs, Snowe, Caraway, Nomad Goods, and LastObject. We have an open API and offer excellent customer support.


TradeGecko is an excellent OMS geared towards omni-channel SMB product based businesses and wholesalers. One of their standout features is a B2B wholesale platform that makes it easy to set up a wholesale storefront. Visit TradeGecko.


Unleashed Software is an Inventory Management platform designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Visit Unleashed.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is the most affordable OMS around, yet still feature packed. Zoho is an excellent option for SMB's selling Direct To Consumer. Even with their affordable offering you get advanced functionality like multiple warehouses, automated workflows, and custom functions. Visit Zoho Inventory.


Stitch Labs says that they will help migrate customers over to the Square platform if they want to stay after Stitch Labs shuts down. However at this point it is unclear if the functionality and flexibility provided will match that of a full Order Management Platform or support the needs of most Stitch Labs customers. Until that time, we recommend checking out the other options in the market we listed above. Visit Square

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