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3PL Central, CartRover, Scout, and Skubana Combine to Become Extensiv

23 May 2022

CartRover has always been a small company with big ambitions, so when 3PL Central was building our vision for a next generation fulfillment solution, we knew they needed to be part of the team. When you've worked in ecommerce for long enough, you understand that integrations are probably the most critical piece of any solution. The nature of commerce today is that merchants need to sell on multiple channels and fulfill from multiple warehouses, often running different software. That makes integration capabilities like CartRover critical.

Today, we are announcing the unification of 3PL Central, Skubana, Scout, and CartRover as Extensiv. Extensiv represents years of work by four dedicated teams to build solutions, each of which was best in class, into a single platform designed to connect brands with the 3PLs that serve them. Obviously, CartRover (which will be called Extensiv Integration Manager) couldn’t be more critical to that mission.

Extensiv was formed to solve the thorniest issues facing ecommerce today. The most common complaint we get from rapidly growing brands is that as soon as they get their software operating the way they want, they outgrow it and are faced with a time-consuming software evaluation, a lengthy and costly implementation, and painful retraining of staff. Extensiv is designed to address that challenge by allowing customers to get started quickly and inexpensively and progressively adding capabilities as they grow.

Extensiv will allow brands to begin their journey by using CartRover (Extensiv Integration Manager) and progressively add functionality like address validation, order routing, and warehouse management capabilities as they need them. We expect to help merchants avoid painful software implementations and migrations. Beyond simply delivering software, as a brand grows and its fulfillment needs evolve, eventually Extensiv will make it easy to find and connect to any of the 1,500 third-party logistics (3PL) customers running our software, allowing brands to build a dynamic, reliable fulfillment network.

In the months ahead, you will see us progressively unify the capabilities of the different products, to ensure they work together flawlessly. The first thing that will change, is that we are moving to a unified and enhanced login mechanism that makes all the Extensiv products available from one location, called Extensiv Hub. In the near term the products will retain their unique branding while acknowledging the connection to Extensiv. Later this year all the products will be rebranded as Extensiv, and we will progressively unify every aspect of the customer experience.

In short, Extensiv is the first software platform built specifically to better connect brands with the 3PLs that serve them. CartRover is critical to that mission. Integrating more than 100 order sources with 85 order destinations, CartRover (now Extensiv Integration Manager) is the glue that connects today’s modern fulfillment ecosystem and we’re excited to see it grow.

If you’d like to learn more, explore the Extensiv website or read the press release.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

As a developer, a part of my job is to find solutions for our clients to get orders to our fulfillment house quickly. CartRover provides a seamless way for clients to connect their shopping carts to CartRover and start sending us orders within minutes of signing up! ...The folks at CartRover are extremely helpful!

Hasina Hai

Devops Supervisor at Moulton Logistics Management

We had a lot of difficulty finding an ERP and 3PL software that integrated with each other. CartRover stepped in and bridged that gap for us. They completed a complicated integration quickly and affordably. Their customer service was off the charts. Any issue that has arisen has been dealt with swiftly and effectively. 10/10.

Jack Fallon

Cross Path Capital, LLC

CartRover is a necessary addition to our business. We need CartRover for our business and they can be very responsive, accommodating and flexible. These guys are techy and not sales people so you get what you pay for - in a good way. They're not over promising and under delivering.

Philip B.


Fantastic overall. It is a great software program for us. I am very happy with how straight forward and user friendly it is! Easy setting up ship methods, editing orders, getting into and editing carts, whitelisting, and blacklisting products. Too many pros to list.

Jose L.

Help Desk Systems Admin

Great software and excellent support. We are utilizing CartRover as a 3PL. I have no complaints. Pros: Easy of use, efficient and immediate support, diversity in options.

John Jason L.

Lead Technical Analyst

Very useful for what we're doing. Helps us sell across many sales channels easily.

Kyle G.